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The proposal...


Pablo proposed on March 27th, 2020 at the Old Town Alexandria Carlyle Gardens.  Although it was during the early stages of the pandemic, we were able to take a stroll outside through the garden and he proposed inside the gazebo. Little did we know that we would be stuck at home together for much longer, but the proposal came by as a nice surprise during some uncertain times! 

Our story

We met in college...


We met at our alma mater, GWU. Our friends introduced us at a campus festival and we immediately hit it off. Our first date was at a burger restaurant, which in hindsight was the messiest option we could choose! This led to giggles and laughter as we tried to stay neat and keep our manners. We both did not want the night to end after a friend's party and found ourselves endlessly walking through the DC monuments and we shared our first kiss at the Lincoln Memorial. We fell in love. And we can't wait to get married!

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